Seven Years on the Frontline of Harm Reduction!

2020 marks the 7th year that TB HIV Care has been working at the frontlines of harm reduction in South Africa. TB HIV Care accompanied on this journey by Mainline, have provided financial, technical and emotional support to move forward policy and programmes for people who use drugs (PWUD) in South Africa and most importantly work with the community of PWUD to regain dignity and work towards self-empowerment. TB HIV Care has developed a Harm Reduction track record, which highlights the major events and turning points in this journey, as well as some of the impacts of this work, and includes recommendations for the future.

The Step Up Project has reached over 5 000 people who inject drugs in four South African cities, distributed over 1.7 million needles and syringes. It has provided opportunities for the voices of PWUD to inform the National Drug Master Plan. The project continues to advocate for the rights of PWUD and is also supported by the Global Fund, Open Society Foundations and the Cape Town Central Improvement District. The track record does not name all the people involved. Still, it remains a group effort, and this work would not have been possible without the passion and commitment of the teams who work in the field, the support staff, and most importantly the community of people who use drugs.

Read more about our harm reduction track record here:
THC Harm Reduction Track Record