World Hepatitis Day Provincial Events

Funded by the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, The viral hepatitis C initiative for key populations in South Africa is a cross-sectional study led by TB HIV Care, in partnership with Anova Health Institute, OUT Well-being, The National Institute for Communicable Diseases and the Division of Hepatology at the University of Cape Town.

Study findings are now being disseminated at World Hepatitis Day Provincial Events, which TB HIV Care is hosting in collaboration with the National Department of Health. The events, taking place in Durban, Cape Town, East London and Pretoria, will:

  • Share updates on the draft South African National Viral Hepatitis Guidelines and South African Hepatitis Action Plan
  • Share study findings of the viral hepatitis initiative among key populations in South Africa: prevalence data and the utility of various HCV testing options
  • Discuss experiences and challenges around HBV and HCV prevention and treatment in South Africa
  • Discuss plans to move towards the elimination of viral hepatitis in South Africa

The first event took place in Durban on Wednesday, 11 July. We had a fantastic turn-out, including representatives from the NDOH, KZN DOH, UKZN, staff from Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital and Grey’s Hospital, Ethekwini DOH, CDC, Abbot, Cepheid and BMSF. The Deputy Mayor also attended and said a few words at the event.

The various presentations, including the study findings, were well received. A panel discussion with people who inject drugs (PWID) was particularly impactful as it gave a very ‘human’ and emotional  perspective from people living with hepatitis.

The event made the evening news. To watch the SABC clip, click here.

The second event took place in Cape Town on Thursday, 19 July. We hosted the event at our Cape Town Drop-in Centre and welcomed guests from the NDOH, Western Cape DOH, CDC Atlanta and various partners.

The evening included presentations by Katherine Young (Strategic Information and Research Manager), Neliswa Gogela (UCT Division of Hepatology), Charles Mugero (NDoH) and Kevin Rebe (Anova Health Institute representative), but it was once again the panel discussion with people who inject drugs (PWID) that proved to be the highlight of the event. Hearing personal accounts from people living with hepatitis is extremely powerful.

The hepatitis ‘roadshow’ continues in East London on the 3rd of August and in Pretoria on the 14th of August.

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