Virtual World Hepatitis Day Event: Launching award-winning ‘Connecting with Care’ Film

Earlier in 2020, TB HIV Care participated in a film exploring the experiences of people who use drugs, particularly in relation to viral hepatitis. For World Hepatitis Day 2020, 28th July, a virtual event will be held to launch the film, ‘Connecting with Care’ by film maker Conor Ashleigh, and to highlight the impact COVID-19 has had on efforts to provide health services to people who use drugs.

The film was previewed at the historic INHSU Africa in February 2020 and has received first prize in the Political and Civil Support Category of the Global Coalition for Hepatitis Elimination video competition for 2020.

The event will provide an opportunity to hear firsthand from participants in the film, some of whom are experts in treating viral hepatitis (hepatitis B and C) – diseases which cause more deaths globally than HIV. In South Africa, people who use drugs are particularly hard hit by hepatitis, with one study finding that 45% of people who inject drugs were living with hepatitis C – a curable disease, which can be life-threatening if not treated.

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Date: Tuesday 28 July 2020

Time: 11am