Updated branding and governance for TB HIV Care

On the 1st October TB/HIV Care Association (THCA) transformed into TB HIV Care (THC), and from a non-profit organisation to a non-profit company.

New form promises even stronger governance

As a non-profit company, TB HIV Care will be governed by the Companies’ Act of 2008. This means that the organisation will be subject to more stringent regulations and will be held to higher standards of accountability. We believe that this improved governance will make our organisation even stronger and reflects our growing stature, reputation and responsibilities. Our vision and commitment to operating as a non-profit entity remains the same.

Updated look for new name and structure

To mark the transition, TB HIV Care engaged in a process of updating and refreshing our visual brand. It was an intense and interesting journey. We decided to keep many links to our previous brand, including our colours, the shape of the logo and a reference to the AIDS ribbon. In this way we retained our connection to our rich history and the reputation we have built. However, we simplified the design and put a person at the heart of the logo to show our commitment to person-centred care. We also added a design element that will live alongside the logo – a linking line to represent the way we work together to link people to care, guiding them through the continuum of care.

However, our brand is not a logo. It is the idea of who we are as an organisation, and what we stand for. It belongs to the whole organisation, and we create and recreate it every day. TB HIV Care is looking forward to building our brand as an organisation that connects communities with care.

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