My True Story of HIV

I am a 42 year old woman living in Upington, I have two sons who are 18 and 24 years old. Fourteen years (14) ago I was diagnosed with HIV, I was devastated by the results.

But my children made me able to stand up, move forward and realise that my life was not over. My youngest son was a great inspiration during the time that I was so down and he was just four years old. He cared for me, brought me water and also made a little pap, he stood on a drum to make a little pap for his mother.

Today fourteen years after I was diagnosed, I am living a normal and healthy life. I am on ARV medication since 2004 and get a lot of support from my family and friends. I decided to end the relationship with the man who infected me, abused me, and I can proudly say today that I do not regret my decision. My children have been very important in my life and on the 12 August 1999 I decided to change my life.

My life is normal like other people who are healthy and my boyfriend of 12 years is HIV negative and he goes every 6 months for an HIV test. I am not saying I am cured because the virus stays in your blood forever, I can say with pride that ACCEPTANCE, a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE was the healing of my status. Today I am a big inspiration to many people in our community and please use condoms and live healthily. “Be free with your life”.

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