Thank you Mom for saving me

I dearly love you mother , you brought me into this world safe. You protected me from contracting HIV. You tested for HIV while still pregnant, you followed everything that you were told by the health worker.

While you were pregnant, you did not abuse any substance because you loved me, and you knew that it would affect my growth and development. You complied on taking a healthy diet. You listened.

You took Zidovudine tablets at 14 weeks to prevent transmission of the virus from you to me. You took Nevirapine once you were in labour … Wow … what a great mom you are! At 6 weeks a Polymerase Chain Reaction test was done to me and I tested negative.  Thanks to you.

You continued breastfeeding me, exclusively, and you made sure that I received Nevirapine syrup, you promised  me to do so until you  stop breastfeeding me, you did not get the temptation to drink alcohol; that would damage my psychosocial and physical development while you were  breastfeeding me.  Thank you mom, you are the best in the world.

You also enrolled in lifelong Antiretroviral Therapy because you wanted to protect me from becoming an orphan, you wanted to raise me even though you are a single parent. I became your top priority. At 18 months the rapid test was done to me and I remained negative. Thank you again for taking me to the clinic for my checkups and immunizations.

No words can ever express who much you mean to me. I wish all moms can do the same. I love you mom.

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