Dr Laurene Booyens
Chief Programme Officer

Dr Laurene Booyens is the Chief Programme Officer of TB HIV Care, overseeing programmes, and the M&E and Quality departments. As an executive committee and board member, she plays an integral part in the organisational governance and strategic development of TB HIV Care.

Laurene concluded her MBChB degree at the University of Pretoria (SA) in 2008 and further business management studies in 2019 at the University of Reading (Henley Business School). She has completed training through the University of Cape Town in 2020 as a mediator for litigation pertaining to medical negligence.

Prior to joining TB HIV Care, Dr Laurene Booyens worked as a clinician in both the private and public sectors, involved in the disciplines of paediatrics, primary health care, urology, emergency medicine and minimally invasive surgery. She has been involved in the not-for-profit sector, in a senior management capacity, since 2014 and has worked in various programme areas, the most noteworthy of which includes VMMC, Key Populations and Care and Treatment.

Laurene is passionate about optimising business management principles within the complex context of the clinical sector by incorporating technical, operational and strategic perspectives. She strongly identifies with the vision of attaining maximal and sustainable impact for vulnerable and less fortunate populations. For this reason, her career goals remain to provide sound leadership and an enabling work environment to achieve comprehensive, safe and quality clinical service delivery, where it matters most.