Amanda Fononda

Amanda Fononda is the TB Programme Director. In her role she assumes overall responsibility for activities within the Global Fund TB Programme which includes the implementation of technical assistance and direct service delivery to support and scale up quality services across TB and HIV screening, diagnosis, linkage to care, treatment and continuity of care.

Amanda began her journey with TB HIV Care as the Correctional Services Programme (CSP) Regional Manager (East London). Under her guidance, the management areas in both Eastern Cape (6) and KZN (2) flourished. Of note was her stewardship of the Management Development Programme.

She joined the TB Programme as an Assistant Programme Manager when it started in 2019 and was responsible for overseeing the eThekwini, King Cetshwayo and Ugu Districts. She guided the implementation of the ‘finding the missing TB cases’ strategy in the three districts and led a pilot of innovations for finding TB in the districts.

Amanda’s résumé reflects more than a decade of collaboration with international and local non-governmental organisations in the field of public health, with an interest in key and vulnerable populations. Her previous roles have included Programme Assistant, Grant Administrator, Project Officer and Regional Project Coordinator, where Amanda gained valuable expertise in grant management and different funders like the European Union, Global Fund, PEPFAR (CDC & USAID) and Atlantic Philanthropies.

Amanda graduated from the University of Witwatersrand with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology & Applied Economics followed by a Post Graduate Diploma in Health Economics from the University of Cape Town. She also holds a National Diploma in Journalism.

Rhonwyn Cornell

Rhonwyn Cornell is the National Project Manager: Health Systems Strengthening at TB HIV Care and is responsible for the Health Information Systems Strengthening projects being supported by the organisation at a national and provincial level. The primary focus of these projects is to support the implementation of health information systems that improve the quality and continuity of patient care. This is done by improving the comprehensiveness, availability and quality of patient-level information available to clinicians at the point of care, and improving the quality of aggregate data for decision making at health service management levels.

Rhonwyn has a Masters Degree in Social Development from the University of Sussex after undergraduate studies at the University of Cape Town.

Rhonwyn has worked in the public health and development sector for over 14 years, including nine years managing health information systems programmes. She has managed programmes covering 16 countries in Africa and South Asia. She has extensive experience working with Ministries of Health, International NGOs, local non-profit organisations, clinicians, and community health workers to build technical and organisational capacity. She has managed numerous health programmes operating from community level to multi-country interventions. The programmes have covered a wide variety of issues, from home-based care to HIV and TB drug resistance and case-based surveillance.

Brad Eckersall

Brad is the Information Security and Technology Manager and guides TB HIV Care technology adoption and implementation to stay secure and future ready.

Over the last 21 years, Brad has developed an expert working knowledge across numerous IT sectors and technologies. He has worked with both national and local IT service providers and consulted with Nashua, Thrifty Car Rentals and Computer Mania. He worked with TB HIV Care for seven years as an external partner.

When TB HIV Care made the strategic decision to develop in-house IT capability and invest in current technologies, Brad was invited to join the team on a full-time basis. His role is to further the aims of operating more efficiently, reporting M&E more effectively, and ensuring the organisation is prepared for future digital developments.

Brad is an avid follower of technology, passionate about finding better ways of doing things and subscribes to servant leadership principles. Preferring to work behind the scenes, his focus is ensuring that TB HIV Care is well-prepared, secure and utilising data to its fullest potential.