Team of Hope

These are the guys who really take care of those who suffered and those who cannot stand for themselves in real life at all, for those who live miserable life and no hope that they should live anymore. They came in Franklin when the situation was so bad and no hope, about two or three years back. To bring light in our lives.

Challenges of life are in left and right in many people so that they cannot survive easily which meaning that if there are those motivate themselves, give them hope they shall see bright future for them all and its not over when they are facing problems. Even to me as a storyteller I was lost hope of surviving when I was so sick until team of hope has arrive and I thought it was the end of my life. Through team of hope I’m survive and living healthy together with my family.

They came when things was so bad. We were have no clinic in our area except a mobile which comes twice a month which basically was not enough because people getting ill day by day under the conditions we are living on it.  We were victim of HIV and AIDS, no jobs and no enough nutrition to keep ourselves healthy. The role play by TB Care was so fantastic to bring this team. Ridiculously we feel that we are blessed with patient, respectful team they brought to us and we learn so many things to them eg. To raise hand to those need help.

We were just support each other and form supportive groups which include politicians, professionals so that our voice to be listening easily and we were vowing as residents of Franklin to work together with these participants till forever.

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