TB game-changers: We ask some thought leaders what they think should be next on the TB agenda.

Date: Fri, 16th Sept

Time: 20h00-21h00

How far are we from a more effective TB vaccine and how important is it? Will using geographical information systems to map TB hotspots and computer assisted digital chest X-rays to screen people for TB help find more people with TB? Are shorter drug regimens available and how can we ensure they get to people who need them? A number of innovations, issues and breaking research will be unveiled and discussed at the upcoming SA TB Conference. Join a number of TB thought leaders on Twitter as they discuss what they think is most likely to change the game and bring us closer to ending TB.


  1. What is your first top idea, innovation or issue set to change the game in the TB field?
  2. What is your second TB game-changer?
  3. What is your third topic or issue that you think is critical to address or promote in order to end TB?
  4. Which of the ideas raised by others in the chat most resonates with you as a TB game-changer?