What do I need to do if I test positive?

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  • Have a CD4 test to see if you should be on ART (medication).
  • Try not to panic. Although there is no cure, HIV is NOT a death sentence. You can still live a healthy life if you care for yourself. It is normal to feel angry, afraid, shocked or guilty, but these feelings will not last forever.
  • Always use a condom when you have sex as you can pass HIV on to others and you can be re-infected.
  • Discuss your HIV status with your sexual partners so that they can also be tested.
  • Try not to hide your status. It creates stress and that is not good for the body. The body needs its strength to fight the virus.
  • You can live positively by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, attending your clinic appointments, being screened for TB and taking medications consistently as prescribed by your doctor or nurse.
  • If you are a woman and pregnant, go to your clinic for ART.

Live positively!

  1. Come to terms with your status. There is hope. With care and treatment you can live a healthy life.
  2. Tell someone. A partner, parent, brother, sister, or a good friend.
  3. Go to your nearest clinic. You will get the best treatment, good information and ongoing support.
  4. Find out if you need ART because it can keep your healthy and, together with condom use, prevent further transmission of HIV.
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