I am so grateful

I am a 39 year old, mother of 5 children ages ranging from 3 to 16 years old, and my four oldest are attending school. Even though I am unemployed I have cared for my children and myself for the past 20 years without any of their fathers help.

I am grateful that I am alive. I am grateful that I am a mom and woman. I am grateful that I have a shack, where my children and I can sleep, a shack that my children and I can call home.

I am grateful that I can get money from the government for my children and I, so that I can feed and clothe us . I am grateful that my children go to school so that they can be educated eventhough their school fees are not up to date. Someone once told me, everything can be taken from you but your education never. Many may think I’m careless with myself and my children, that’s not true. There are many single mothers out here and when I sit and look around me , I’m proud of myself for caring for my children, sending them to school and being able to feed them everyday when they come from school.

I am grateful for my and my children health. I am a grateful mom sitting next to my shack in the sun, waiting for my children to return from school

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