Deaf and dumb but HIV informed, are you?

This guy is 36 years old. He stays at Delamzi Location. This guy was born in a good condition. Later after two years he become deaf and dumb.

He lives with his both parents, his parents noticed later that he is disable they did not take him to school due to his condition and the lack of knowledge, they did not know about the special schools or did not know where to get information to that can help their child.  Although he is disable he manages to do things like any people who are not disabled. He understands with HIV/AIDS e.g. he is practicing the safer sex using the condoms.

Although he is earning the disability grant but he prefers to do piece jobs. We spoke about keeping money in the bank.
He is using the sign language to communicate, if someone does not understand him, he writes down. He learnt writing from another lady who devoted her time to teach him how to write.

His family is very supportive to him, they make sure that he is clean and they also wash his clothes at times as he is doing for himself.

This is a good support by his family.

If one is being supported by his family first that can extend to the community and the whole world doing the “ubuntu” to the closest person.

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