The bright future in darkness

Melithafa Nduduzo is 18 years old and left by his mother to his grandmother. Grandmother died when the guy was still young. Nduduzo was taken by his uncle so attached to him and loved by him, unfortunately the uncle died of HIV/AIDS.

Nduduzo’s mother did not come back home, no one knows where she is others suspect that she can be in Durban although no proof or evidence of being there. She does not know how is Nduduzo at home. Nduduzo does not know his father, hears those telling stones about his mother but did not see her for 18 years now.

Nduduzo now is staying with his aunt and cousins, he is schooling.  He put his trust to God about his difficult life and takes God as his parent. His belief is that being broke or poor is temporal there is bright future ahead through this darkness and life hardship.

Nduduzo lives with an example as he does not mind to stand his time teaching young boys his friends to behave and stay away from alcohol, drugs many girlfriends and to focus on school for bright future.

Nduduzo is trustworthy to the adults in his home and the area. I wonder how trustworthy other guys are these days of HIV/AIDS are in your community as you read this story.

As a community health worker I learnt that this guy is brave and serious about his future, my wish is that he passes his studies and get bursary to further his education and be a good citizen from all hardships he encountered.

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